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Service tenet: with the high quality product is the escort of your health, with sincere service allows you to feel the sunshine affection.  
Service principles: achieve 100% customer satisfaction  
1. Take customer satisfaction as the standard, 100% attentively, achievement customer 100% worry, let the customer 100% satisfaction; 
2. Perfect sales service network, let the customer everywhere, can be convenient to choose to suit your product. 
3. According to the customer the water conditions, free for the customer design water purification scheme, provide the most suitable for water purification products; 
4. According to customer requirements, provide 24 hours free on-site installation services, and bring their own tools, bring their own shoe covers, bring their own cloth, providing one-stop services; 
5. The installation is completed in a timely manner telephone pays a return visit, arrange service personnel on-site maintenance regularly, prompt the customer in time for filter replacement and other services. 
Service system: to set up the customer service department, full-time accept consulting to customers complaints 
1. Direct customer support (6 * 8 hours) : to provide clients with 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday), 8 hours per day based on telephone, fax, network methods such as full-service support; 
2. The hotline online support (7 * 24 hours) : a day, 7 days a week 24 hour hotline support, at any time to provide service for the customer; 
3. Service complaints support (7 * 24 hours) : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support service complaints, receive customer feedback information (including consulting, complaints), customer service department according to customer feedback information in combination with other relevant departments to jointly handle, process the results after approved by the customer notification customer service supervisor, customer service department director after communicate with customer again, to determine whether to end the after-sales service. 

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