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The filters can be installed in outdoor?
Best installed indoors, can, northern region for water purification machine applicable environmental temperature for 5 to 45 degrees Celsius, the temperature of winter in the north is lower, so should not be installed outdoors, if choose outdoor installation, need to prepare anti-freezing measures.
How can I choose the suitable for their own use of coty los water purification machine?
Kediro water purification machine positioning in solving family kitchen water purification; Kediro spa straight drink machines, aimed at families and enterprises and institutions of drinking water purification Kediro positioned to solve high-end family central water purification machine of whole house water purification; Kediro the central soft water machine location to solve the problem of water hardness on the high side in some regions; Kediro positioned to solve part of the family or pure water machine unit want to drink pure water demand; Kediro profiteer positioned to solve water secondary pollution serious problem in some areas, can filter out the sediment, rust, as a pretreatment before water purification machine, or used for pretreatment of water such as solar energy, commercial air conditioning equipment, will have very good protection effect on downstream water equipment.
Your products need to connect power?
Kitchen water purification machines, water drinking machine, pipe precision filter/scale, all don’t need an external power supply, water pressure can work; The central water purification machines KDR - Z - 4000 need external power supporting the work of the automatic control head, KDR - Z - 2800 as the multi-way valve control method does not need power supply; The central soft water machine supporting the work of the automatic control head need to external power supply, automatic softening of the resin regeneration also need power support; Pure water machine need external power to drive the pump in order to make the water pressure at working pressure RO membrane.
You really can filter bacteria and virus water purifier?
Can completely, the smallest bacteria are also more than 200 nanometers in diameter, the size of the virus is between 20 nm - 300 nm, coty production of kitchen water purification machine ", "water drinking machine", "the central water purification machine" with ultrafiltration membrane as the main filter medium, filtration precision up to 10 nanometers, can thoroughly remove material in more than 10 nm in diameter; Pure water machine can reach 0.1 nm filter precision, the diameter of the bacteria and viruses are more than 10 nanometers, therefore coty production of water purification machine can completely remove bacteria and virus; Coty production of "the central soft water machine" is aimed at solving the problem of water hardness, does not have the function that bacterial virus filtering; "Pipe precision filter/scale" is mainly used to solve the water containing particulate matter, about 50 micron filtration precision, can filter bacteria and viruses, but can filter out the rust, sediment and other granular material, the random distribution of scale inhibitors can inhibit scale production.
My family lives on the top floor, the water pressure is small, usually can use your water purifier?
Can use, within a certain range of pressure, water pressure and water rate is proportional to the relationship, if the pressure is too small, the water rate may reach the rated water rate, but water quality is as excellent production, in this case, preferably with booster pump, to ensure the water rate to achieve the rated data.
The service life of the water purification machine can have how long?
According to the condition of the water condition and use, coty los kitchen water purification machines, mineral spring straight drink machines, central water purification machines, pure water machine can use three to five years, when need to change or reverse osmosis membrane ultrafiltration membrane; Precision filter pipe/scale inhibitor, in theory can be used for life, only need to regular cleaning stainless steel mesh; The central soft water machine inside the softening of resin can be regenerated repeatedly, can use 50 years don’t need to change in theory, in actual use, general life in the 20 years or so.
Midway have two or three months after installation does not use, coty los water purification machine should adopt what way to protect the filter?
Family we don’t need any special protective measures, los kitchen water purification machines, mineral spring straight drink machines, central water purification machine only need the water purification machine suitable flushing for 20 seconds, after rinse intercept pollutants, the water purification machine import and export of the valve is closed, keep water purification machines filled with water, prevent membrane silk dryness; The central soft water machine, pure water machine, pipe precision filter/anti-scaling, don’t need to do any processing; In the boot before using again, flush 1 minutes need to go to drain water purification machines remaining "dead".
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