The kitchen of water

  •      Family kitchen tap water is usually filtered by the local water company, such as sterilization after treatment to the families. China’s tap water pipe network mostly sixties and seventies of the last century laid the galvanized pipe, many have aging rust, resulting in tap water in the process of transmission by the serious secondary pollution. Coty los series water purification machine for Chinese family kitchen water use and development of high-tech green environmental protection product. Can effectively filter out the impurity in the water, colloid, bacteria, organic matter and heavy metals, etc. Kitchen water purification machine after purification of water quality is better than that of the international "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006), sensory and microbiological indexes reach the bottle (barrel) drinking water health standards ". 
    1. The budget plan: coty los water purification machine in the kitchen 
    Project overview: coty los kitchen water purification machine adopts currently the world’s most advanced water treatment purification technology, the core components ultrafiltration membrane is the core of bottled mineral water purification process. It can effectively filter out the rust in the water, sediment and the harmful material such as bacteria, macromolecular organic matter, but also can keep the water of minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body. 
    2. The enhanced plan: coty los kitchen water purification machine (upgrade) + high density nano carbon film 
    Solution overview: this solution is suitable for the residual chlorine in tap water or different color smell were more serious areas. After coty los kitchen water purification machine and high density of nano carbon membrane filtration, more sweet taste of purifying water. When cooking, soup, no longer subject to impurities such as residual chlorine, different color, odor and bacteria. 
    3. The kitchen water dual-purpose scheme: coty los kitchen drinking water purification machine 
    Project overview: coty los kitchen drinks dual-use water purification machine adopts the world’s most advanced water concept, effective through a water purification machine at the same time satisfy the family kitchen water demand and water two water purification. Is water supply water treatment in the world today one of the most environmental protection, energy saving technology, many countries in Europe and widely applied by the government. Large flow of nano carbon film with high density, more sweet taste of the drink of this product; Coty, independent research and development of a new generation of food-grade ultrafiltration membrane made a kitchen water yield bigger, better filtering effect. 


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