Family to drink water

  •  1. The standard solution: coty los spa straight drink machine + line machine 
    Solution overview: coty los spa straight drink machine adopts international advanced optimization magnitude 9 composite filter, not only can effectively filter out bacteria, rust, sediment, residual chlorine, colloid, organic matter, heavy metal, etc., still can make water purification of minerals and trace elements more for easy absorption by human body, can satisfy the home straight drink, tea, coffee and so on various occasions of drinking water demand. Mineral water through the pipe machine can easily achieve the effect of heating and cooling. 
    2. Type pure water solution: coty, pure water machine 
    Project overview: the plan is mainly to solve the problem of high hardness of water quality, water quality is relatively complex areas family drinking water problem. Coty, pure water machine introduction of American technology, independent research and development of intelligent display structure, can be solved completely to boil the water "thermonatrite", "scale", "different color" and so on. Pure water pipeline machine can easily achieve the effect of heating and cooling. 
    3. Double water type mineral water, pure water solution: coty los double water machine 
    Solution overview: coty double water, mineral spring water is energy conservation and environmental protection products, this product will reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration membrane technology perfect together, realizes one machine two kinds of water quality, greatly satisfy the consumer demand for mineral water and pure water. Coty los double water machine can get mineral water and pure water two kinds of water quality at the same time, two kinds of water quality is tie-in, more healthy. Clay pot hot cooking with mineral water, pure water far less frequency of use, reduce waste water discharge, water saving more than 50%. 

        1. The latter, a new generation of ultrafiltration technology 
    Coty relying on coty U.K. los water group for technical support, the independent research and development of a new generation of ultrafiltration membrane, the membrane silk hydrophilic and flexibility is much better than the domestic peers, has reached world leading level. Coty, a new generation of ultrafiltration membrane with water flow rate is bigger, better purification effect, membrane filaments longer using life, etc. Coty, a new generation of ultrafiltration membrane filtration precision of 10 nm (0.01 microns), can effectively filter out the sediment, bacteria, rust, colloid and macromolecular organic matter, while retaining the minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body. 

          2. Coty los reverse osmosis technology 

    Coty reverse osmosis membrane were imported from foreign countries, filtration precision as high as 0.1 nm (0.0001 microns), a bacteria to close four thousand times, infectious virus to close more than 200 times to pass, so can effectively remove the water thermonatrite, bacteria, viruses and heavy metal ions, such as pesticide residues. Water to pure water after purification, water purification water quality reach the life drinking water processor health safety and function evaluation specification - reverse osmosis treatment device (2001). 

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