Career planning

       Career planning is a pointer to the individual career choice of analysis and determination of subjective and objective factors, to determine the personal goals and efforts to achieve this goal. Career planning requirements, in other words, according to their own interest, characteristics, and will position itself in a most can play to their strengths, ability to select the most suitable for their career. Career orientation is key to career success or failure of the step, is also the starting point of career planning. 
       Career planning, in before entering the industrial society, career is less, the kinds of work content is also very simple, usually career are parents teach their children, or directly from an apprentice to master learning, so doesn’t create problems of choosing a career. Since the industrial revolution, industrial science and technology increasingly developed, changes to the machine, and the production process also increasingly complex, the type of product and production. As a result, the types of industry in the world of work and career, more complicated and professional. Such as orders, Former U.S. Occupational classification standard (The Dictionary of Occupational Tifles) have listed more than thirty thousand career. With so many professional number and complex connotation, young people depend on their content and classification, it is difficult to discern a variety of professional and parents, relatives and friends are also difficult to have professional knowledge, to help their children choose the appropriate profession. Therefore, mentoring young people choosing a responsibility, the family moved to the school and the social employment counseling agencies. Career options for young people, if appropriate, will affect their future career, and a lifetime of happiness; For society, personal career if appropriate, can determine whether social manpower supply and demand balance. If everyone had optimum, so, everyone has not only the prospects for development, and the society will also be prosperous; In contrast, poor personal and social problems. Because of the career choice, for a person and the relationship between the societies have extremely significant. Therefore, the government and education department, for young people to the understanding of the future career development, planning, preparation, and, hence great importance should be attached to the implementation of career education. 
       Career planning refers to a person in his whole life to take positions in succession process of forecast and plan, including a person’s study, productive contribution to a career or organization and eventually retired. 

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