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      UK Kediro water group headquarters is located in the British capitalLondon, for a long time, we are committed to research and development of "people" and "nature" armonious coexistence of the development of the technology. Research field involving wind, solar, water purification, air purification, and renewable energy and other fields. Group company with cutting-edge technology, excellent quality, perfect network and good services, operates in more than 130 countries, won the favor of the tens of millions of consumers.

      Based on the increasingly serious water pollution problems around the world, we in 2000 on China’s water quality question has carried on the thorough investigation and study, and summarizes a series of accords with the situation of China’s drinking water solutions to problems. In order to better serve the Chinese consumer, Kediro group invested $eighty million in shenzhen,Chinaestablished the r&d and manufacturing center, and quickly across the country set up perfect sales service system. After years of efforts, Kediro company now owns the largest production base of water purification equipment, Kediro company of research and development level and manufacturing equipment has reached world leading level. We according to current situation of China’s water quality, developed for use in Chinese life lead series, kitchen series, mineral spring straight drink, mineral water, soft water series, the series and RO reverse osmosis series products, such as all-round solution to China’s consumers are faced with the water turbidity, water quality, high hardness and different water quality problems such as colour, smell, let the Chinese consumers really clean, healthy drinking water.

       Kediro introduce the advanced water purification technology and successively with the domestic and foreign many well-known universities to carry out an in-depth technical cooperation and strategic development alliance. Kediro has the world first-class research and development of water purification machine technology and design concept, independent research and development of suitable filters are adored by Chinese consumers. With advanced technology and strict quality management, the latter passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, ISO14001:2004 international environment management system, ROHS, CE certification, such as Kediro products by the centers for disease control and prevention of guangdong province and Chinese academy of preventive medicine, and other testing and approval of the authority approval documents issued by the national ministry of health health permits. Kediro whole series of products by the China people’s insurance group (PICC) underwriting quality, suitable water purification machine many times by the media and appraisal institutions as water purifiers top ten brands. In order to be able to better service the vast number of consumers, kediro company in China more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government set up more than three hundred sales and service center. Kediro advocate "worry-free service" system, but also into the heart of every consumer.

       The latter as the human and the nature of resource integration, as advocates of healthy drinking water, will continue to contribute to the harmonious development of human and nature.


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